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Peter Lord

Latest talks

  • Short talk/discussion on Generative AI benchmarks
    This is a short (1/2 hour or so) talk and discussion on Ai benchmarks. Goal is to promote discussions. See Google Slides
  • How to reduce your electricity bill to zero
    This talk covers using home automation + solar + battery + hot water + electric car + smart tariff to reduce your electricity bill. First presented at U3ACommunities Computing Forum, a free on-line platform. Sign up here for notification of future talks. See Google Slides This talk was recorded in a previous U3ACommunities meeting :
  • WYSIWYG vs Markup
    This talk looks at what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) vs markup methods of producing documents. See Google Slides

Daily power use

Yesterdays electricity grid consumption was 12.8kWh, costing £0.93 + standing charge £0.61.

Yesterdays solar generation was 20.7kWh.

Yesterdays export was approx 22.7kWh earning £3.40.

Total electric £-1.86.

Local air quality

Data is from a SEN5x module.

On Sat 29 Jun 16:59:02, PM1.0 was 95.7 µg/m³

On Sat 29 Jun 16:59:05, PM2.5 was 102.3 µg/m³

On Sat 29 Jun 16:58:59, PM4 was 103.9 µg/m³

On Sat 29 Jun 16:59:07, PM10 was 104.7 µg/m³

On Thu 25 Jul 13:12:40, VOC was 302.0


Nice summary here (updated monthly).

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